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Curtains Trends for 2017

Curtains Trends - 2017Curtains play an important role for the design of our house or apartment. As, with curtains the room becomes more homey, or more chic, or more luxury. Depending on what type of design has our house, or a specific room. Many people think that curtains are used for filtering the sun that is shining and can enter to the room. But, curtains have more purposes than that. It wont only make your room darker, so you can rest, but it can also make your room more warm and beautiful. If you are not sure what kind of fabric to use, than we can help you to make the right choice for your house.


The Most Vibrant Worldwide Design Events: 3-7 December, Miami, USA

In celebration of design culture and commerce, Design Miami/ gathers the most influential collectors, designers, curators and critics from around the world under one major event: “Design Miami/ is more than a marketplace for design. Each show balances exclusive commercial opportunities with progressive cultural programming, creating exciting collaborations with designers and design institutions, architecture, art and fashion, and unique commissions from the world’s top emerging and established designers and architects“. The event is also held in Basel, Switzerland each June.

Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Occurring alongside the Art Basel fairs in Miami, USA each December and Basel, Switzerland each June, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design.


How to pick the perfect kitchen furniture

Amenajare BucatarieKitchen is the space loved by the all the family, their friends and relatives wich are the guests of the house and not last by the “mother in law”. Kitchen is the space where you cook ,eat, discuss problems and talk about the pleasant moments of life that you live. 


30% Discounts on Interior Design Services for LAGMAR IMPEX customers.

Ofertă pentru clienții LAGMAR For all those who have purchased apartments from the company LAGMAR IMPEX, we come up with a special offer - 30% discount on interior design services.


Interior Design Styles. What is your choice?

For centuries the interior design is changing, evaluating as the preferences of people change, new décor items appear, the colors in vogue change every year, and ultimately there are new styles of design. But, the new styles that appear are a reflection from older designs.
The interior design of your house is chosen for a long period. This is why you need to know the style that represents you best and the style you are ready to enjoy for years.
The interior designs presented below represent a special era full of emotions, taste, sophistication and elegance. Let’s find out the unique style that represents you and your house.