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Trends & Utility

Curtains – decor item for your house

Curtains represent a decor item, as well as a functional and esthetic item for every house. The curtains are used by us every day, but when it comes the time to buy, confection or choose the right design for your house many times we encounter difficulties. This is why we are coming with couple advices that need to be taken in the consideration when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your house.


Ways of arranging and decorating the bathroom

The bathroom is considerate to be the most relaxing corner of the house. The time flies when we are in the bathroom taking a relaxing and scented bath. Taking in consideration the fact that we spend a lot of our time in the bathroom, it is very important to know how to arrange and decorate it. Nowadays the décor items and the furniture for the bathroom it’s in progress.


Color & Personality & Design

The color pays an important role when it comes to the creation of an original décor and a pleasant atmosphere. This is why choosing the right color for your house reflects your personality and has a big impact on your daily mood. Any of us faced at least once the problem of choosing the right color for your interior design. This happens because every room needs an individual approach, a particular color and a comfort that will last. This is why before choosing the right color we need to know more details about every color and its correlation with your personality.

Green in Design


Dream Wardrobe

The dream wardrobe in our perception means space, decor, light and comfort. For many of us the wardrobe is a shelter in the world of fashion where the concept of time is lost. The wardrobe has a special importance for every house, as it has the clothes that we use every day.


House Stairs – a challenge even for the designers

The stairs represent the unique architectural design of the house. They have a special importance for the house as they connect the parts of the house and often are called the bridge from one room to another, from one floor to another, and even from basement into the house. The stairs are not seen as an accessory of the house, but as a necessity, as we use them every day of our lives.
An important rule that has to be followed is the moment of selecting the right design of the house stairs. Choosing the right model of the stairs it is a scrupulous, long step in design that has to be taking in consideration from the moment you begin to design your house.