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Dream Wardrobe

The dream wardrobe in our perception means space, decor, light and comfort. For many of us the wardrobe is a shelter in the world of fashion where the concept of time is lost. The wardrobe has a special importance for every house, as it has the clothes that we use every day.

Definitely, we have some new clothes, other older that can’t be left aside as they represent a period of our life, the emotions we lived, as well as the style that represented us in that period. This is why we want to have a large wardrobe where we can enjoy the few relaxing moments we have in the world of fashion, decor, memories and imagination.

The women wardrobe differs from those of men. Let’s see what their perception of a dream wardrobe is.

Women wardrobe as style and interior design is seen as a whole as a space with an elegant decor and rare sophistication. As we all know the wardrobe is the first necessity of women when it comes to the house interior design. It hides the secrets of a modern woman which can change her clothes in a way that is suitable to every moment of the day. Women would prefer the wardrobe to have the next elements:

  • Mirrors
  • Armchair
  • Space for purses
  • Cabinets for jewelry
  • Cabinets for lingerie
  • Closet  for shoes
  • Closet for dresses,costumes etc.

Men are not so demanding when the discussion comes to their wardrobe, but unlike women they are tempted more for the design of the wardrobe that has to be simple, spacious and without many accessories. The ideal men wardrobe has to have:  

  • Closet for costumes
  • Closet for shoes
  • Cabinets for watches
  • Cabinets for socks
  • Space for ties
  • Space for belts etc.

Women wardrobe, as well as men wardrobe needs to be practical, roomy and space saving.

Did you decide what your dream wardrobe is? Still having doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of professional designers that will offer you an original design at a reasonable price.